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Barcode Generator

Use this Bar Code generator to make MediCam even easier to use.

The barcode scanner in MediCam supports the following barcode formats: Aztec, Code39, Code93, Code128 A, Code128 B, Code128 C, Codebar, Data Matrix, EAN8, EAN13, ITF, ITF-14, PDF417, QR, RSS14 (Android only), UPCA, and UPCE.
Not valid data for this barcode type!

Why use this

Typing in a patient ID each time you use MediCam can be somewhat burdensome if the patient is in front of you and asking questions! Use this form to generate a bar code that contains the patient ID details. When scanned in the MediCam App, the barcode will automatically insert the patient ID into the report ready for use.

Example use case

In a busy practice a receptionist might prepare the barcode for the patient to take into the specialist.

To generate a Barcode for use within MediCam

  1. Enter the patient id in the form below and if the code is valid for the barcode type it will automatically display.
  2. Use the barcode directly from this screen, print it, or copy and paste it elsewhere.
  3. In the "Patient Details" section in MediCam, on the right of the "Patient ID" field, tap the barcode button.
  4. After scanning the barcode the patients id will be automatically entered.