Isn't there a risk that people will just share the exportable PDF report?

Other FAQs

MediCam has been designed to encourage secure capture, dissemination and storage of medical related photos, video and audio clips and it too makes it clear how to do so appropriately. Unfortunately there is not much that can stop inappropriate use (e.g. a doctor can take a screenshot of a picture and share it). However we believe that using MediCam provides more security then the current practice of doctors taking photos in their phones default camera app and sharing insecurely.

We have faith in the medical professional's implicit understanding and ethical obligation that when they receive a MediCam report, they will not inappropriately with that data (e.g. share it on Facebook).

By encouraging MediCam's use within the medical industry we hope to educate medical professionals as to how to share data in a way that protects themselves and others and they can in turn focus on helping people!