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Enterprise license

MediCam Enterprise Licensing

MediCam can be deployed enterprise wide and integrated into existing medical record systems .

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Use of Smartphones for Medical Photography

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Effortless On-boarding

On-boarding is DIY. Medical professionals can download MediCam from the App Store and Google Play, create a MediCam account, and complete a simple form to add their "institution". They will be up and running in minutes.

Super-easy to Manage

Assigning which users are part of the enterprise licence can be done by using the domain name in email addresses used by your institution (e.g. all users with an email address ending in "") or by providing a comma-separated list of email addresses.

Integrate into Medical Records

As well as allowing users within an institution to submit reports to a patients' medical record, all users within an institution will have access to MediCam PRO features. See the integrations section for details.

Replace Unsafe Practices

Improve conformance to security policies. How many people within your institution are using their phone to take photos and video at the moment?

Cost Effective

Volume discounts apply. Avoid security breaches and potential costly litigation. Can you put a cost on reputation?

Simple to Trial

Perform your own trial on your own time. No need to contact MediCam (although you can if you like) to get going. See the "The Test an Endpoint Server" section for details on how best to perform a trial.

Who needs a Licence?

An institution that wants to allow their users to generate MediCam reports and have then inserted into the patients medical record will need a licence. As discussed in the integrations page, this includes the following methods of sending/submitting reports:

If your institution uses Box or Dropbox for storage you will find it easier purchasing an enterprise licence rather than each user having to purchase access to MediCam PRO through the App Store or Google Play.

Learn How Your Institution Can Benefit from a MediCam Enterprise Licence

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