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Medicam pro

MediCam PRO

For most, MediCam BASIC (the free version of MediCam) will be all you need. For those wanting a more professional tool, MediCam PRO has you covered.

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MediCam PRO gives you...

More Media Per Report

Attach up to 10 photos, videos, or audio clips.

Higher Resolution

3 Megapixel images and High Definition video.

Longer Clips

10 second video and 120 second audio clips.

No Watermark

Displays unobtrusive report ID instead.

Box Integration

Securely upload and store reports in Box.

Dropbox Integration

Securely upload and store reports in Dropbox.

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MediCam PRO

MediCam PRO

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100% money back guarantee
Fully tax deductible
100% money back guarantee
Fully tax deductible
Photos, videos, or audio clips attached per report 2 10 10
Record Video length 5 seconds 10 seconds 10 seconds
Record Audio length 20 seconds 120 seconds 120 seconds
Photo quality 1 Megapixel
3 Megapixel
3 Megapixel
Video quality Standard Definition
High Definition
High Definition
help Unobtrusive Watermark close done done
Send to Box close done done
Send to Dropbox close done done
help Integration into Medical Record close done done
Send via Encrypted Email done done done
Send Unlimited Messages done done done
Scan QR/Bar code to input patient details done done done
Capture Signed Consent done done done
Record Verbal Consent done done done
Notifications when report is opened done done done

To change or cancel your subscription at any time, click here.

To access invoices, click here and sign in.

  • For monthly subscriptions, you are charged on the same day of the month as when you originally subscribed (e.g. If you subscribed on May 14, then you are charged on the 14th of each month. If the date does not occur (e.g. You subscribed on the 31st, but the next month only has 30 days), then you will be charged on the last day of the month.
  • If you cancel your subscription part-way through the billing period, you will continue receiving access to MediCam PRO until the end of that period.
  • If you are credited with one (or multiple) free months through our referral program, the date of your next bill will change. If you are due to be billed on May 15 and you are credited one month, your account will be updated and you will be due to be billed on June 15.
  • If you purchase lifetime access to MediCam PRO then the referral program where you get free months is obviously not applicable to you. If you do refer others and they sign up, they will still get one month free.
  • When purchasing, enter the email address you use for your MediCam account.
  • It is possible to subscribe to MediCam PRO through iTunes (App Store). Please note, iTunes subscriptions are independent from a credit card subscription purchased here. iTunes subscriptions are linked to your Apple ID, not your MediCam account.
    • Prices are marginally cheaper subscribing through your credit card.
    • The referral program (see below) program only works with credit card subscriptions (it is not possible to give free months within iTunes).
    • If you have an iOS device and an Android device you can use the one credit card subscription. iTunes subscriptions are obviously only for iOS devices.
    • Credit card subscriptions allow you to easily access your billing history and download tax invoices (what you need to make your subscription tax deductible).
    If you have previously subscribed through the App Store and would like to change to subscribing through through your credit card, please cancel your iTunes subscription and subscribe above. Then email us with your iTunes receipt and we will make sure that you don't miss out on time you have paid for.
  • If you would like to gift a MediCam PRO subscription to someone else, simply subscribe above and enter their email address.

Get MediCam PRO for free

Invite a friend and you'll both get MediCam PRO for 30 days.

If a friend or colleague enters your PROmo code when they sign up, they get MediCam PRO for 30 days (valued at €9). You also get MediCam PRO for 30 (additional) days when they send their first report. It's the ultimate win-win, and there is no limit to how many days you can be credited for! To get your PROmo code and share it, go to the "Settings" and tap on the "Your MediCam PROmo Code" row.

Get mo'PRO with your PROmo code!

Enterprise Licenses

License MediCam and have your staff send reports direct to the patients medical record. Staff will also get all the features of MedCam PRO.

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Coffee Comparison

Cost of losing your job and being sued for breaching patient privacy:
A lot
Amount the average Irelander spends on coffee per month†:
Cost of MediCam PRO per month:

†Consumer spending in coffee shops in 2014 was worth a total of €345 million to the Irish economy according to Hospitality Ireland. Given Ireland's population is 4.95m, that equates to about €70 per person per month.